About Us

Our heritage comes from an invested background in 3D design with a passion for keeping active outdoors, especially cycling. We love to ride our bikes, and after squeezing in a ride at either end of the working day, we’d come in, and well “ditch” our shoes. Now, that’s not how we should treat our classy shoes, so we began designing and 3D printing until Neatcleats was born.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, we found ourselves supplying some of the best cyclists and athletes in the world, including the Movistar Team and the Canyon//SRAM Women’s team.

However, this is just the beginning. We also enjoy watersports, running and walking on the beach, so we designed a more versatile shoe organiser until we came up with Zpurs; a shoe clip that can fasten to anything and hold any shoe, for any person, of any age.

ZPURS Fuschia
zpurs shoe clip system
zpurs shoe clip system


With the hope of one day riding Le Tour, Alistair began cycling at the age of 17. However, after finishing a local 10-mile time-trial with a time of 28.32, it didn’t take many more TT’s to realise this wasn’t a tour winning time.

Still keeping a keen interest in cycling, Alistair pursued a career in product and industrial design. In 2004 he set up a company designing and manufacturing sheet metal and injection moulded products. While commuting to work every day, Alistair developed a metal bracket to hang his cleats on the wall. The design was strangely useful, especially after it was adapted to work with a carabiner, leading to the birth of Zpurs and Neatcleats.

Still cycling and working with the pro teams, Alistair is an English-speaking, bearded, middle-aged man, clad in over price Lycra; the ultimate cliché in cycling today.

alistair zpurs shoe clip system
sophie zpurs shoe clip system


Joining the road cycling scene later in life, Sophie began cycling in 2016 as part of the Zwift generation; Sophie has earned her Tron bike with may hard-fought races!

Converting her virtual bike performance to the road has brought some challenges (and crashes). With an unsuccessful attempt of the Tour of Flanders being a lower point of Sophie’s cycling career, one of her biggest achievements on the bike was completing the 100-mile Rapha Challenge in September 2019.

You’ll find Sophie still pushing the limits of her performance on Zwift while juggling the care of two children, as well as taking on the responsibilities of managing the accounts for Zpurs and Neatcleats.



Jessica is a passionate cyclist and mountain bike guide in the Afan Valley, and the founder of Velo Me.

When she’s not on her bike, she can be found managing and creating social media and website content for both Neatcleats and Zpurs.