About Us

Our heritage comes from a background in 3D design and typical of many such stories, the drive to create a dream from boredom in our previous industry. 

We love cycling and trying to fit in a ride either end of the working day we’d come in from work and well.. “ditch” our shoes.  

It wasn’t really a great way to treat our classy shoes so we start talking and then drawing and designing and 3D printing until one day we find ourselves crowdfunding and Neatcleats is born.  The cycling world like them and before long we are supplying top riders and teams like Movistar.  Then we can’t believe it when we become a sponsor for Canyon SRAM women’s cycling.

But the job isn’t done.  We also like watersports, running and walking on the beach.  What to do?  And then more 3D printing, designing and head scratching until we have it.. Zpurs.  A shoe clip that can fasten to a bag, a rail or a hook and hold any type of shoe, for any person, any age.

From personal experience of a hectic active lifestyle, we want to help make your journeys handsfree and easier.

zpurs for holding your shoes
zpurs for holding your shoes



Alistair riding at Tour of Flanders






Sophie with her Dolan