Alexis Ryan, USA

Professional cyclist with Canyon SRAM

“Zpurs is the latest and greatest organizational tool for those who like to keep their belongings tidy! Speak with anyone who has seen my travel bag, and they’ll tell you I like to keep things neat. However, shoes have always been a thorn in my side. Normal shoes have dirty soles, and cycling shoes are stinky and sweaty. Zpurs allow me to keep my shoes organized in my bag, or clip them to the outside”.


Canyon sram wmn cycling zpurs shoe clip system

Leah Thorvilson, USA

Runner, Cyclist, Zwift Academy 2016 Winner

“Zpurs is a super easy and convenient way to store and travel with your running shoes. The integrity of a shoe can be compromised when it is shoved into luggage for travel and smashed. Zpurs give you an alternative option to keep your shoes in tow, without risking damage to their structure. For me, they are also great for when I go to the track and have separate shoes to warm up in and for the actual workout. My spare shoes go on my Zpurs and can be carried easily as well as kept off my other things post-workout when they are sweaty and wet. I clip them onto the back of my passenger seat, and they are neatly out of the way. Being able to hang them at home is also great since I have far too many pairs of shoes between the running and cycling habits of both myself and my boyfriend. Keeping a couple of pairs hung in the garage rather than piled on the floor helps reduce the clutter”.

Clare Starkie Pell, England

Year One Primary School Teacher

“It has been such a success having Zpurs in our classroom. Four months in and all twenty are still going strong. In the school, I hold the record for not losing a single shoe during Year One. I put this down to two things: one, the complete ease of using Zpurs to keep our shoes together and two, the kids think they are the coolest thing ever! This helps with keeping them tidy. Transitioning between footwear is fun and easy. It takes minutes to get through the whole class which means there is so much more time to be active and fun. The kids also enjoy changing the colours on their Zpurs which makes them personal to them. It’s the simple ideas that work best, and these are genuinely so easy to use. Thank you Zpurs!”